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Tips on how to get Referrals

So now that you have joined a few PTC sites, and maybe a traffic exchange or two, you are probably excited to share the opportunity with others because:  A). You are just a nice person who likes to help others. OR B). You see the potential money you can make by referring lots of other people to the sites you have joined.  Regardless of your motivation there are several ways you can get the word out.  First, you may want to tell all of your friends and family about your new way to riches...that's fine but sometimes those closest to you are the most skeptical critics.. sometimes they are your most loyal referrals.. in my case, my dad, who I never expected to give it a second thought, has embraced the idea and taken off with his own PTC business.. your results may vary, however I wanted to give you some ideas on how to get the word out...

Unless you already have your own website, the first way (that's free) that I would try, would be to join several traffic exchanges and advertise (1) PTC site that you want to promote.  Don't miss the logic behind this.  I know some people are saying "Why can't I promote ALL of my PTC sites through traffic exchanges?"  ...well you can, but realize that every site past the first one that you promote divides the amount of views it will receive based on your traffic exchange surfing habits... let that sink in a moment... For example: If you promote 1 site, and say you have surfed 1000 pages on traffic exchanges, then you will receive 1000 hits to your referral link.  If you promote 2 sites, that's 500 on each, 3 its 333.3 each and so get the idea.  So I would suggest that you focus your efforts on one site at a time until you get the desired amount of referrals on one site.  Then switch to the next site and repeat.

Another easy, and free way to promote your business is to print out flyers promoting a new way to make money online.  Before I had my own website, I would print flyers with several tear-off pieces with my email address and on the flyer instruct people to email me for details.  You would be suprised how well this works! Place the flyers at local colleges on bulletin boards, at gas stations, grocery stores, or any place large amounts of people gather on a regular basis.

Finally there are several ways that you can promote your site, or affiliate link to your PTC site that DO cost money.  I would only suggest doing this if you have the extra cash to spare.  First, you can take advantage of some of the PTC sites you are already using.  Clixsense has a feature called Clixgrid that is a great and economical way to promote whatever it is that you are promoting.  For only $17.00 they will place your link in the clixgrid for a full month!  I have done this several times, and gotten great results.  For example, the last time I did this I received over 300,000 unique hits to my affiliate link that I was promoting!

You can also buy PTC ads on all of the PTC sites for a fixed rate, based on the length of time the ad lasts and how many views you want to get.  Another site called Adhitz, (which is owned by the same owners as Clixsense), allows you to pick whatever budget you want to spend, and target specific geographic regions, and even specific websites to advertise on!  You may notice banner ads at the top and right side of pages on this site.  Chances are Adhitz placed them there, and that is another way to make money for your website if you own one!  Check out the section, Build Your Own Website to learn more.
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