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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Create Your Own Paypal Account

Paypal is FREE. You can use It even though you dont have CREDIT/DEBIT CARD (Unverified Paypal). If your Paypal is Unverified you can still SEND or RECEIVE money but you have a limitation. So if you're gonna make fund or earn online and put it to your Paypal you can use it to buy online. If you want to cash out your PAYPAL thats the time CREDIT/DEBIT CARD is needed. So i suggest you to get a EON VISA DEBIT CARD (For Philippines).

 2. Make sure na tama ang nakalagay sa COUNTRY and click Personal or PREMIER or advance member as "Business"

3. Fill up the form CORRECTLY:
*password must be combination ng letters and numbers and some must be small and capital letter.
*ang number ay dapat +63 (kapalit ng unang zero)
 NOTE: If walang Credit Card Uncheck nyo lang lahat ng LINK A CREDIT CARD

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