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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Make your Alertpay/Payza Account

AlertPay is FREE. You can use It even though you dont have CREDIT/DEBIT CARD (Unverified AlertPay). If your AlertPay is Unverified you can still SEND or RECEIVE money but you have a limitation.

REMINDER: As of Today, AlertPay has an Issue regarding linking of VISA/MASTERCARD, Thus leaving us no choice but to sell our AP Funds. So the only way to widraw your MONEY is to exchange it with other E-Currency or Sell It.

STEP1: Click The Banner Below

STEP2: Click the "Sign Up" button indicated below

STEP3: Make Sure to choose the corret  "Country" and Select "Personal Pro" then Click "Next Step".

STEP4: Fill Up the Form then click "Next Step"

 STEP5: Fill up the Next Form. Then click "Final Step"

Note: Make Sure to remember your "Transaction Pin".

STEP6: Check Your Email for the Verification Link.

STEP7: Click the "Validation Link" as indicated below.

STEP8: Congratulations. You may now use your AlertPay.

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