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Friday, July 6, 2012

How to join Just Been Paid/JSS??

In order to join JustBeenPaid! and become a member, you must indicate on the JustBeenPaid! sign-up form that you agreed to their TERMS AND CONDITION

There are 10 easy steps how to join "JustBeenPaid"

STEP 1-a: Click this link to join JustBeenPaid for FREE: CREATE ACCOUNT HERE

STEP 1-b: Scroll down to where it says: “Click Here And Join JustBeenPaid! for FREE Now!”

STEP 2: On the next page make sure it says “Your referrer: John Patrick Vitor

This is important because I only have enough time to support people in my team.

If it shows a different name you need to clear your cookies and refresh the page. If you do not know how to do that, contact me BEFORE signing up!

STEP 3: After you registered, Check your email for JSP confirmation and look for your username Visit to Log in your account. Next is scroll down it to the bottom and Click ”Existing members log in here” or Login here

STEP 4: Now fill in your account information. Note: It will ask for your Members ID

STEP 5: Click the JSS Tripler blue button.

STEP 6: Confirm your Jss-Tripler Membership

STEP 7: Click the button ”Enter the JSS-Tripler Member Area”

STEP 8: Then click the button ”Buy JSS-Tripler positions” you should have there a $10 available for buying your first 1 position.

STEP 9: Just fill there the position you want to buy. Just enter 1 then click ”Proceed with my order”


If you have any questions either before or after joining JSS-Tripler, please feel free to contact me.
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