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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Withdraw Your Paypal Balance To Your UnionBank Account

If you have enough balance in your paypal account or you want to get your money from paypal to your bank account here's how to. For example from Paypal to Union Bank Account

STEP1: Login to your Paypal account. Visit

STEP2: Click” My account” tab and then “Withdraw” sub tab

STEP3: Select the “Withdraw funds to your bank account option”

Note: Withdrawal for P7,000.00 or more is FREE
          Withdrawal for P6,999.99 or Less has a charge of P50.00

STEP4: Fill Up the Form with this Details

          BANK NAME: UnionBank of the Philippines
          BANK CODE: 010419995

Then Select "continue"

STEP5: Confirm the Information You Entered and click "Save"

NOTE: Paypal Will Charge you P250.00 if You entered Wrong Information or Mismatched Name

STEP6: Enter the Amount to withdraw as indicated in the image below then select "Continue"

STEP7: Review the details. If all the information is correct click "Submit" if not click "Edit"

STEP8: Congratulations.

Note: Please Wait for 2-4 Working days before it reflect to your UnionBank Account.

credits to: Pinag kuhanan

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